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Topic: Change Themes! Instead of only Charactor, I place Image. It's nice!

First of all,
Thanks administrators and all people can help me about this software. My English is not good, so if I get some mistake, plz don't laugh me!

foreach ($module->lappfunctions as $appfunction)
   if ($appfunction->label== "")
       echo "<div class='empty'>&nbsp;<br></div>\n";
   elseif ($_SESSION["wa_current_user"]->can_access_page($appfunction->access))
         $lnk = access_string($appfunction->label);
          echo "<div><a class='$class' href='$appfunction->link'$lnk[1]> $img $lnk[0]</a><br></div>\n";

I Want to change the sentenses to Images, I want to fix all the functions by Image, and if the User login but can't Access I change another Imagers.

I tried to do that:
1- In Head Function: for example
switch ($sel_app)

case "orders":
  //Show the Images for Sales (I Sprit it for link)

2- In Display Function
I Want to change foreach() ---> to Switch() and per function, I put an Image. If user can Access, user can Click Link, else I put other image.

Who can help me!