Topic: Posting problems with cash register/AR

I am trying to enter a number of customers as carried forward balances. Most work correctly, however, I have 2 entries that keep insisting that they are cash sales, and DR Cash Register, rather that AR.

I have checked to make sure that the customers are set up to be allowed to charge in the Customer Setup screen, as well, ensured that the Delayed payment option was invoked on the invoice screen.

I have tried this a number of times, including logging out and flushing my cache.

Any thoughts?

Re: Posting problems with cash register/AR

Check the POS setup in the Setup tab. Edit the POS for the user and check the correct bank account. Also check for both cash and credit sales. Then save it back again

In some COAs there was a missing link somewhere in the POS settings, that is fixed when edit and saving again.


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Re: Posting problems with cash register/AR

Thanks... I think I have made the adjustments and will test them out.