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Please help
getting this error when I go to the dashboard

Unhandled exception [0]: Call to undefined function imageftbbox(). in file: /var/www/html/proaccounting/reporting/includes/ at line 1223


Re: Dashboard error

Check the PHP version and the line 1223 is:

$p = imageftbbox($size, 0, $this->fontfile, $string);

Re: Dashboard error

PHP error.
Had to reinstall everything, after I made a backup.
and backup is restored but there are no processed bank statements, nothing.
Restore completes successfully but there is nothing not 1 transaction.

Please help.

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Re: Dashboard error

You should not delete your database. That will wipe everything.

Should only remove your FA folders inside of your frontaccounting installations.

Hopefully, you have an up-to-date backup of your database.

Change the Theme. Some themes on FA have issues with PHP8


Re: Dashboard error

Thanks for the reply. Much appreciated.

I will just process everything again.
but inside the program the backup and restore option, what actually does it backup?

I'm running UBUNTU, say for example after making a FA company backup and system crashes and all apps are re-installed,
if I upload and restore the backup of FA company, will all my transactions processed be there?

or do I have to run a separate mysql backup? I thought everything is together....I just re-install the FA application, restore and all transactions be there.

Re: Dashboard error

FA Backup backs up the data tables. The Security Roles and Users table can be backed up and restored if you tick the checkbox for it.