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Topic: New FrontAccounting supported app StrikeOut

If anyone has interest in receiving Bitcoin Payments as USD with zero fee to the merchant (you never touch BTC asset). I just created a open source web app written in php under the MIT Lic.

It has a FrontAccounting plugin with automated accounting support. Everything is  completely documented in the git wiki.

It is compatible with payments from any (custodial or non custodial) bitcoin lighting wallet (Cash App, Strike, Blue Wallet etc.) from anywhere in the world.

The git is here:

Wiki is here:

Screenshots here:
https://github.com/trafficpest/strikeou … Sceenshots

Re: New FrontAccounting supported app StrikeOut

StrikeOut has since been worked on and now has a modular payment system. New Payment Methods have been added.

PayPal (includes Venmo, credit cards when applicable)
LNbits Method to receive bitcoin lightning directly.

I have now included a very slightly modified version of frontaccounting that generates Static QR codes on the invoices if you chose StrikeOut as payment link. unfortunately the wiki is a little behind

there is a demo running with a sandboxed paypal and strike module running at


note: take care when using LNbits with the frontaccounting module since you invoice in your home currency but the receiving currency is actual bitcoin. You will have to make a bank acct in bitcoin sats. It is not appropriate accounting in most jurisdictions since it is usually treated as property not currency. I will update the front accounting plugin to treat it as inventory and enter the cost basis at the time of payment (the invoice amount).