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Topic: Emailed reports only use last name

I found this thread from 2014 but didn't have permission to reply:


The issue they bring up is that reports emailed from FA start with "Dear" and then the person's last name, with no title or first name.

I just wanted to say that I agree with the OP in the thread that "Dear First Last" is much better than simply "Dear Last". In the UK the current arrangement would be a very strange way to start an email or letter. I also agree that "Dear Title Last" is even better in a formal setting.

I have modified my own installation but wondered if it's worth making it default that way.

Is it usual in other parts of the world to start a letter "Dear Last"?

Re: Emailed reports only use last name

You can share your code here so that any one else can also get benefit from that if needed.
And off course depending on regional requirements FA can be modified.