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Topic: Vietnamese lang package?


I have joined Vietnamese translation team on Transifex. Many strings are out of date and they are translated by Google.

Could you assign me as a reviewer to correct terms?

My account on Transifex is dzungdo.

Many thanks!

Re: Vietnamese lang package?

We do not use transifex, this is paid comercial service, and we do not have resources to use it effectively. Frankly, for our needs any text editor and average target language knowledge is enough.
Anyway, FA is open project, so if you wish to contriubute you are welcome to send your translation. on contriutions@frontaccounting.com.
Keep in mind there are two separate *.po files to translate, main for the application and separate for installer.
PS As far as I know there is no Vietnamese translation in official FA repos for now, so I'm not sure where you seen Google translation. Anyway you are welcome to provide one for FA vietnamese community:)

Re: Vietnamese lang package?

@saosangmo: You are already a Vietnamese Language translator for FA in Transifex which is free for Open Source projects. Your 57 translations have been marked as "reviewed".

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Re: Vietnamese lang package?

Thanks apmuthu. I see it.
I am learning FA in order to correct wrong terms.