Topic: PCN Luxembourg 2021

Here comes the template for the "Plan comptable normalisé du Luxembourg 2021" in french.
German and english in preparation.

Objective: start a new company with the luxemburgish chart of accounts.
Not included: migration from any old/previously deployed CoA.

Copy paste the red sheets into the corresponding sql tables:
External download as *.ods File

Feedback or any request is welcome!

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Re: PCN Luxembourg 2021

If I wanted (and I do) to establish a revised COA for a Church, let's say, and didn't want to modify the heck out of GL_Classes, GL_Account_Groups and COA's available, where do you recommend I look for that code?  In other words, after a fresh install, I want to see the Classes, GL Groups and COA of exactly what I want.  Lots of churches so I don't want to re-invent this everytime. 

I want to start from here on Classes.  Only 5 Classes (not the 11 that is standard on some installs):

1    Assets    Assets       
2    Liabilities    Liabilities       
3    Equity    Equity       
4    Income    Income       
5    Expense    Expense       

and something like this for Groups where every "group" parental number ties to a major accounting component (A,L,E,I,EX)

1000    Assets        Assets       
1020    Current Assets    Assets    Assets       
1040    Inventory Assets    Assets    Assets       
1060    Capital Assets    Assets    Assets       
2000    Liabilities        Liabilities       
2020    Current Liabilities    Liabilities    Liabilities       
2040    Long Term Liabilities    Liabilities    Liabilities       
3000    Equtiy        Equity       
3020    Retained Earnings    Equtiy    Equity       
4000    Income        Income       
4020    Sales Income    Income    Income       
4040    Misc Income    Income    Income       
5000    Expenses        Expense       
5020    General & Administrative expenses    Expenses    Expense       
5040    Cost of Goods Sold    Expenses    Expense       
5070    Payroll    Expenses    Expense       
5080    Taxes    Expenses    Expense       

The Church needs classes/groups/COA's to be easily identified within the 5 major components of pretty simple and basic accounting system.  ASSETS, LIABILITIES, EQUITY, INCOME, EXPENSE. 

I went back and modified a non-profit install, but it was a TON of work, so I want to set it up as an option in the future.

Any thoughts on how to proceed. 

Thanks in Advance.