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I have just installed 2.4.14 and the tax appears in the text column and is not being calculated on the final figures.

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The tax is calculated and it is included the final figure(26.09 is included in the 200). Sales->Sales Types define if the tax is included or not.

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Thank you so much

How do I add quite some legal text to all documents? Its over the amount of characters that the legal text permits on the invoices etc

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Re: Tax no adding

By default the Legal Text is only available on invoices and statements. The field is around 150 characters. You need to manipulate some files to get to where you want to go. Google "frontaccounting legal text" and you will find some help there. If you want to see Legal text on all documents then in /reporting/includes/ comment as below (line 282 as of FA 2.4.14)

    // if (($this->formData['doctype'] == ST_SALESINVOICE || $this->formData['doctype'] == ST_STATEMENT) && $this->company['legal_text'] != "") 

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i need to separate the access set-up for Sales transactions view from sales inquires. Has a stand alone access check right.