Topic: Help Please: Simplified Line Items on Quotes & Invoices

Hi All,

Need a bit of direction on how to manipulate FA to meet my requirements. Sorry if this has been answered already, but am struggling to understand the best approach.

The scenario is as follows:

- I have an active inventory of all the services and parts that I sell. No problems there.

- When I quote or invoice a client, I want to use a simplified line item grouping the items up into 1 line.

- Rather than stating X hours, plus Y parts over multiple lines I would like to say 1 x Service Z which is the sumation of X hours, plus Y parts. My customers are a little bamboozled by a big long invoice of all of the parts.

One of the groupings I am wanting is 20 part lines and three services: E.g.

1 x Widget A, 1 x Widget B plus 2 x Service C Hours and 1 x Service D Hours = 1 x Single Line Item

What would be the best way of creating Items for this hybird line item please?

Re: Help Please: Simplified Line Items on Quotes & Invoices

Take a look at  Manufacturing and Bill of Material you might find a way to suit your need.