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Topic: Delivery address


How can I influence the delivery to address on quotations? I want it to be different than the Charge to address.
I created contacts - but they will not appear and I can't select them.


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Did you try Customer  Branches ?

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Yeah. I tried that.
It doesn't solve the issue:
On the printed report you have two adresses: Charge to / Ship to
As far as I was able to try this in any case, also if I set the branch, both addresses are the same.
In my case, I want the Ship to address being different than the Charge to address
--- I guess this is why both addresses are printed on the reports: that they can be different. Also in the contacts the address can be tagged for shipping, invoice, etc.     So there must be a setting I don't find, understand, ...

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I understand now. The only way to do it is by manually entering the Deliver To Name and Address on the Quotation screen in your case. Also the Payment type should not be CASH.

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Pretty much appreciated this... makes my day. Thx.

I don't get the settings in the contacts though. => Wouldn't it make sense to make this an option field in the offer? Or, create automatically a contact from the manual entered address in the offer?