Topic: Return of a Delivery Note

I am in a practical situation with one User. They Send Delivery Notes during the month and then Create Invoices by Month End.
Sometimes the Delivery Note is not accepted due to Quality or any other issue and the Stock is returned at a later date may by after week before the month end.

Now one way is to Void the Delivery Note created earlier but this will delete the Activity from the Stock Movement.

I want to maintain the activity to keep record of the DN Issued and then Stock Retruned against DN (Not Invoiced)

Any Idea how to do this in FA?

Re: Return of a Delivery Note

1. I understand credit note can not be made, because the goods are not invoiced yet, but you can post the credit note with qty only and set the rate to zero, this will take it back to inventory and keep the inventory logs in movement(with disturbing the the customer ledger).

2. Or else make a positive inventory adjustment and mention customer name in the memo for the record.

The above case is based on the assumption that goods will not be redelivered, if its a replacement case than you might need to amend the qty in SO for the second delivery and adjust it later on the final month end invoicing

Re: Return of a Delivery Note

Solution 1 seems good. Let me try it.