Topic: Multi Language

I would recommend having the ability to change the following according to the language ,
For Instance I have users that use the English language and Users that use the French Language
So what would be ideal is to have a translation for the following

GL Accounts                 (Language 1) (Language 2)
GL Account Groups      (Language 1) (Language 2)
GL Account Classes     (Language 1) (Language 2)

So the Inventory account would have two descriptions (Inventory) (French Word for Inventory)

the Groups also would have the same idea
and the classes too,

So that when the french user print a profit and loss statement it would be in french and the English would have it in English,

Re: Multi Language

Keep one report request field for print language and use it to fetch the preferential language elements in a set of defines and read off the appropriate translation array. Alternatively, put in some report specific translation strings in the .po / .mo files for gettext.