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Topic: No Forms setup and unable to post 2021 journal

I have a new install with a couple problems.
- first I noticed there is no Forms setup on the setup page.
-2nd the install had sample data and so I couldn’t create a new fiscal year. I thought the easiest way to deal with that was to purge all the data in the MySQL database and start new. That worked for the fiscal year but now I can’t post anything to create my initial bank account in 2021. My fiscal year is Aug 1 to July 31. I get an error that the year is outside the fiscal year. I saw a previous posting that suggested it was php8 so I switched to 7.4 and still no luck.

Re: No Forms setup and unable to post 2021 journal

Ok so I have the main problem fixed. After installing several times I installed just one COA (the US one that talks about initial setups) after that I still couldn’t create a year that wasn’t Jan to Dec. (Mine is Aug to Jul) so I just went into MySQL and changed the fiscal year there. I was then able to add a journal entry for my initial bank balance.

The issue with Forms Setup is still there. I don’t see it on the setup page. What have I missed?

Re: No Forms setup and unable to post 2021 journal

@joe consider add start date of a company  fiscal year during the time of company  creation.

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Re: No Forms setup and unable to post 2021 journal


For Fiscal years just follow the wiki:


There is nothing called Forms Setup menu I know of in FA. The only place to setup information on forms is in

Setup->Transaction Reference

Otherwise to change Forms (and which forms?) requires Programming skills...unless I misunderstood your question.