Topic: Unable to void Work Order

While voiding work order the following error comes

The possible fix could be following.

    @@ -161,7 +161,7 @@ function void_work_order_produce($type_no)

    // deduct the quantity of this production from the parent work order
    -  work_order_update_finished_quantity($prod["workorder_id"], -$prod["quantity"], false);
    + work_order_update_finished_quantity($prod["workorder_id"], -$prod["quantity"], 0);

Re: Unable to void Work Order

Whats ur php version?

False is alternatively 0, may be the new version of php started giving trouble, though you dont need to pass the 0 as well, the default is already 0, which will work fine.

@joe checkout it

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Re: Unable to void Work Order


Re: Unable to void Work Order

Fixed according to @kvvaradha solution and committed to stable repo.