Topic: Max days on Printing Invoices (or other documents)

Hello Guys,

@oaktreet1 has put a very good feature on Mantis. It is called:

0005388: Print Invoices list gets too long

Please have a look at this feature on I agree with him, this is a very good idea.
But it might even be a good idea to let this be all documents, and we could put an option in Company Setup that says something like this:
Max day range for printing documents=180, or something like that. This is about 6 months. If you need an older document you can always go into the Inquiries and select an old document for printing here.

What do you guys think about this?


Re: Max days on Printing Invoices (or other documents)

That's good one to load less invoices on drop down.  And I would suggest to out this in user preference like query results parameter.