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Topic: Special Customer pricing

I'm migrating from WebErp to FA mainly because of IT problems with WebErp on a shared host.  I really like how FA is organized more and its features, but I already miss a feature that was present in WebErp, which is customer special pricing. 

I'd like see a new link under the "Items and Inventory" tab, in the "Pricing and Costs" section.  The link/button would be called "Special Customer Pricing".

In that screen, there could be a customer lookup in a header, then  line items that include the item lookup, which triggers a default price in a text box that comes from standard pricing. The default could be overwritten by the user with the special price.  I would also include a text box for notes so users could make any special notes regarding the pricing.

Re: Special Customer pricing

Percentage / Fraction type pricing is available across all items like Wholesale / Retail in FA.
Yes, this would entail a new table and hence can either be an extension for now or await FA v2.5.