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Topic: Error on transaction update FA

On a fresh install (or on a recent one when restoring), i get this message error while trying to update any journal, bank, etc transaction:
ex here: journal.
DATABASE ERROR : Cannot update audit gl_seq
error code : 1048

error message : Column 'fiscal_year' cannot be null
sql that failed was : UPDATE 0_audit_trail audit LEFT JOIN 0_fiscal_year year ON year.begin<='2021-02-11' AND year.end>='2021-02-11' SET audit.gl_seq = IF(audit.id=41, 0, NULL),audit.fiscal_year=year.id WHERE type='0' AND trans_no='2'

Vps ubuntu 18.04, php 7.4, FA 2.4.9 and 2.4.8

Re: Error on transaction update FA

Setup->Fiscal Year.  Add the current year.

See http://mantis.frontaccounting.com/view.php?id=5338 for reason.