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Topic: COA for Belgium - Dutch language

I created a COA for Belgium. Can I upload this somewhere ?


Re: COA for Belgium - Dutch language

I have sent the link to Janusz. He will upload to server. Thank you very much.


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Re: COA for Belgium - Dutch language

Please remove the field 0_bank_trans.bank_trans_type_id and state what FA version you are deploying it for.

Also, there are 2 entries for Algemene debiteur in 0_crm_persons table. This affects data in the 0_cust_branch table as well.

Correct the schema of the table 0_cust_branch comparing it with the sql/en_US-new.sql file. Likewise, 0_debtors_master, 0_stock_category and 0_suppliers for field order.

Synch the indexes and their order in the schema of 0_debtor_trans with that in sql/en_US-new.sql so that upgrades will proceed smoothly.

Likewise, synch the field definition of 0_debtor_trans_details.src_id.

The 3rd entry in your 0_item_units table is blank.

Attached SQL file has the tables ordered to match the sql/en_US-new.sql file.

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Re: COA for Belgium - Dutch language

I ran this sql (after deleting some of the duplicate primary key entries) and now i cant acces my frontaccount
is there any view when this will become an official COA?
I will reinstall frontacc for now , luckily i did not yet import my data into it as i am legally obliged to use the belgian coa