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Jut a followup on this extension. Just want to know if this will still make to FA.  It would be a useful feature to have as many would have need for custom data field for capturing differing pieces of information. I am jut getting acquainted with FA and looking forward to adopt it.

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Re: Additional Fields Extension

joe wrote:

Hello @kvvaradha and @poncho1234

I am trying to follow you guys in your wishes.
Let us try to focus on 2.5. Which fields do we need? I will put it on the developer site for 2.5.



IMHO the problem with additional fields is its quite niche - not everybody wants them and those that do, want something different;
there are numerous requests all over this forum some for the same thing, some for different.
The latest request is here

In the module I tried to be generic as possible whilst adding what I needed and with the use of custom fields any user could add the data that they require: Which should meet every users needs.

As to what fields you need in 2.5 my wish list is as follows:-

For each of Customer, Branch and Supplier:-
Document type(Possibly not required for supplier and branch)
Start date
4 Custom fields for user definition

Bin number/Stock location reference
Primary Supplier
Alternative Supplier
Alternative part number
Manufactures part number
Start date
4 Custom fields for user definition

@kvvaradha thoughts please? And if you want to discuss this offline please PM.

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Re: Additional Fields Extension

@poncho1234, if we didn't make the custom fields inside core, your module is simple extra. Though it's useful to the customers.  But it's not handy to use. And also we need to use the custom fields to reports as well. And also we have to provide the custom fields to transactions like sales invoice,  order,  delivery,  etc. That's the full level of usage. And also we need to add more hooks to have control over the system.  Probably @itronics and @Joe planned something.  They are not actively listening the community developers new improvements.  Hope they will reopen the tickets to give some dev repo access to developers to contribute new enhancements and updates, modules, themes, etc.