Topic: Role Permission For search Items Popup

FA requires one to have ADD/EDIT ITEMS Permissions for one to access the "search ITEMS popup" e.g in Direct Invoice. This gives a lot of power to users who's only role is to create Sales Orders or Quotations in the system. I don't want want to give this users ADD/EDIT ITEMS permissions but i still want them to be able to search items with the popup.

I suggest we change the role required to an existing role such as "Items analytical reports and inquiries" or we create a new role all together.

In inventory/inquiry/stock_list.php Line 17:

$page_security = "SA_ITEM";


$page_security = "SA_ITEMSVALREP";

Re: Role Permission For search Items Popup

@joe: is this desirable for certain restricted tables or can it be taken into the core? Will possibly need to change the permissions in the chart sqls as well.

Re: Role Permission For search Items Popup

@joe what is your take here? I consider this a small modification that would not cause much trouble