Topic: Importing/Exporting to/from FA

Feature Request: Although this doesn't solve my problem below, creating a new company should enable users to copy settings such as COA, GL, System and GL Setup, etc., from an existing company (or a template company).


About a year ago I made a mistake editing the database. Consequently some information is incorrectly associated (e.g. payments for an invoice appear with the wrong customer name). It looks too involved to correct, and the full extent of errors is hard to determine, therefore re-entry is the preferred method...

How can I safely copy non-financial transaction data from an existing company? Most helpful would be the list customers and contacts. The GL and GL Setup would also be helpful. The rest I can manually enter, and I would really like to avoid breaking relationships again.

Thank you

Re: Importing/Exporting to/from FA

That is one big digital mess indeed and needs careful rectification.

Re: Importing/Exporting to/from FA

Yes, it is a complete do-over. However, if some re-entry could be saved by importing a client list, that would be very helpful.

Re: Importing/Exporting to/from FA

Client List - that is possible. Wanna a hand, PM me.