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On printed pdf invoice, how do you get rid of “item code” section? Can you modify the pdf at all? Some areas words are cut off, also would like to get rid of some wordings on the PDF.

Is there a way to add a field to show a full contract amount? - Not what was paid, but like the total service amount that was agreed amount the client and us on the invoice?


Where would you store the "total agreed contract value" in FA at the time of making the Purchase/Sales Order? Probably as free form text in the Memo field?

At the time of invoice preparation, the reporting/rep107.php (Invoice Script) can be customised to change / eliminate wordings / fields but to get data that was not stored is well nigh impossible!


Sorry, I just remember we don't use invoices as much. We sent client's a copy of their balance statement each time they make a payment towards their contract fee. We are wondering how to show their total contract fee on that balance statement?  Is there a way?

What is "rep107.php"??? Where do I look for that at the time of the invoice preparation? Also, again, can this be done to the PDF of the customer balance statement?


Just use the ledger statement for the specific Customer's Account.

Banking & General Ledger => Balance Sheet Drilldown => Current Assets => Accounts Receivable => Choose your customer Account and get your list.

@joe: Which report best provides for Customer Ledger Folio with a means of emailing out selected customers for periodical account confirmation of balances?

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I would rename the Invoice to Contract or Contract/Invoice. And create a service item as a sub contract. Then either use normal payments/prepayments and allocations.
Then you can send the Statements out to your customers.



apmuthu - that is not what I am looking for.

joe - Can you explain a little more?

My other question too is - Can I edit the PDF? I would like to delete some items on there.


By editing the pdf generator program files you can get your customized pdf.  But if you want to edit an generated pdf  you have to use pdf editing software's to do

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HRM CRM POS batch Themes

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I think


Is a good starting point to understand how PDF's are generated by frontaccounting. It is very hard to understand the coding of these files..but if you spend a good amount of time (and you are a very good programmer) you might end up decoding how you can manipulate them to your needs.

I would say the three major files you need to look for are:

1) reporting/includes/header2.inc

This is the first overlay that defines the horizontal lines and columns...on  its own.. its empty..just the border lines and the rectangles you see on an invoice for example.I would call it the report empty overlay.

2) reporting/includes/doctext.inc

This is what what document data you need included within these line and boxes but not the data itself (within the above template).

3) reporting/repXXX.php are the the php coding that extracts that data using SQL queries to place the data within the above two files. i.e rep107.php for invoice, rep111.php for quotes .....etc.

Good luck..