Topic: erorr report Inventory Valuation

i used FA items by (-) unit in system and last i update cost price from item standerd cost in this here screen

and when view report Inventory Valuation  not view same like price and view cost by (-)

for example after make sales negative unit i change cost to 110 unit
in report i see cost unit is -45

and more items cost not = in standerd cost

you see example live in demo system in item iPhone 6 64GB 
find standerd cost is 78 and in report -966

Username: demouser
Password: password

how can i fixed

i need view cost in report same in Standard Costs in above screen

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Re: erorr report Inventory Valuation

Possibly the report re-calculates it instead of taking the adjusted value. Make the adjustment with some dummy "receipt of inventory" and see what happens.

Re: erorr report Inventory Valuation

Can you give me code to in this report to view same like standard cost