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I am using FA with FY 2020, 01-01-2020 to 31-12-2020.

I started the entry from 31-05-2020, My previous entry was done by JL entry. Now I want to close all back date entries instead of the current date for Salesman and other users .

Please anyone suggest how close or active a back date entry is.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Back Date Entry

If your account fiscal year on 01-01-2020 to 31-12-2020 and started entries on 2020,
the only thing you can do is Closing GL transactions (Banking and General  Ledger->Closing GL Transactions).
This function is do nothing but only prevent entering new transactions and disable edition of already entered transactions up to specified date.

Re: Back Date Entry

I think you do not understand my problem. My problem is  
I want my salesman do not a back date entries. today is 16-10-2020, he is able to enter, if he select sales date is 15-10-2020 then he can't do that. If administrator allows then he is able to enter.How do I fix it?

Re: Back Date Entry

Then just like @flpages says, close GL transactions each day. If Admin wants to allow it, then close later. This is the best way for now.

@rahmanbd: please do not post same issue in several topics.