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Hello guys,

I was wondering since FA does not have check process in Banking & General Ledger.

What if a extra field was added after reference, something like check no, if we are using checking account a validation can rule(required) can be added to the text box so that the user is forced to insert either a check number or at-least a reference number.
That's idea number one

My second idea is to reuse the reference number to allow text other than the preset data type.

Change Reference to Check no, add validation rule to not process a bank payment if the field is empty.

The same can also be done for journal entry where the source ref must be required.

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Re: Bank Account Payment Entry / gl/gl_bank.php?NewPayment=Yes

Monies as journal entries are unallocatable. It can be allocatable only if passed on as credit/debit notes. Hence we keep the reference optional.

Check number can be done through it's own table in an extension or used passively in the memo field.

In FA 2.5 it might be a good feature to include and useful for reconciliation too. Formatted memo fields can be a good way to get the check number parsed out to link to some other table possibly through a trigger (editions beware).

Re: Bank Account Payment Entry / gl/gl_bank.php?NewPayment=Yes

Alright @apmuthu , until the release of 2.5. Meanwhile how can I put validation on the reference field and change the datatype to accept varchar?

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Use the memo / description field instead and make sure the initial prefix to the chq number like CHQ4564334 is used and then parse out all memo entries that start with CHQ and has the first word as say 10 characters long separated by a space of terminated therewith.