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I would like to know how much to make a Point Of Sales Extension. The entire system will be used by offices with multiple locations.

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I am in,

@eljagg did you get any offers to get this done?

and please any others willing to donate dev resources please come forward.

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Check out OpenSourcePOS and see what tables and fields you want integrated.

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If you want a good open source pos look at chromispos.

Also Mysql but not integrated.

I would like to start working on an integration, together with some other people, who is interrested.


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ChromsiPOS is UK based and is coded in Java and compiled for use on a Tomcat Server.

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one of the best i know is chromis tpv

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If you are Checking POS which connects FA  to work. Check mine. Stand alone which connects FA database to work.

Kvcodes POS module

Subscription service based on FA
HRM CRM POS batch Themes