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What is the purpose of the "Include in tax register" check box on the Journal Entry page? I have searched and searched...

It does enable the "Tax Register" tab, which calculates the input tax using the Base Amount Description (from quick entry setup) and clicking the "Go" button. What puzzles me is why, since tax payable and expenses were debited, and chequing credited.

I tested a journal entry with and without the tax register and "Tax Inquiry" and General Ledger Reports > General Leger > Tax Report are not affected (this could be related to a bug/issue reported in other threads - ).

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Hi gnurob,

If the Include in tax Registers is ticked then you must see the entries both in the inquiry and report.
Please make sure that the date chosen when you inquire or ask for the report includes the date you made the entry.

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Thank you rafat, I did confirm the report date range. The items do not show up. This may be related to a bug mentioned in the other thread, but I do take you are confirming they should have appeared in those locations, which helps explain the purpose.

Thank you

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I think the whole Tax system needs to be looked at seriously. Also the system needs to be explained in details to the user.
I have seen some write up that this will be reviewed in 2.5.

Meanwhile good look to all.

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Hi. Any update on this subject?

More exactly, I use FA 2.4.8 and inserting in to the tax register "works", but I still do not understand what is the purpose of it.
But that is not my primary problem.  My problem is that I do not know how can the tax register be balanced. More exactly: What am I suppose to do when I pay the tax? How should the tax be payed? Normally I would enter a bank payment when paying the taxes, but that dose not influence the tax register.

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Under "Using the Tax System".. Its very clear.

As you see its a manual process. How can it be automated? It will be very... very helpful.

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Hi, Thanks for the indication. I did read this section before, but then I did not understand much of it. Now I read it again and I begin to understand it, though it is still kind of foggy. This is probably due to the fact that one month ago I had no knowledge whatsoever about accounting.

What is not exactly clear is Point 7. of Using the Tax System. Perhaps a bit more detail about this would be useful. Also note that here in Romania we use two independent  Accrued Account for Tax. One for payable tax and one for collectable Tax....and one of them is always zero (do not ask why is like that).

Regarding automation:
I think it is possible to make a half automatic solution. FA just has to know what is the Accrued Account(s) for Tax. And based on a function (button) "Close TAX for month" it could make the transfer that you make manually at Point 7 of Using the Tax System. I say that this simple thing would be a significant improvement, specially for beginners such as myself.