Topic: Daily Reciepts / Cash accounatability

Good Day Everyone, I am brand New to Front Accounting, I have it set up and operational and am now in the processes of trying to get the reports that I need.

As a small business I have to do a daily cash accountability / Cash Balance and the only place I can see is the "Print Receipts". at this stage I can work with that provided I can do it on date basis.

Looking at reports_main.php I have duplicated " Print Receipt" , calling the duplicate "Daily Taking" and duplicated rep112.php calling it rep802.php so I can safely fiddle around.

My next step is to  enable calling up the receipts for any specific date, I am trying to use the date printed on the receipt. but am having no success
so far  I have

array(     _('From') => 'RECEIPT',   this is the "out the box" default
array(     _('From') => 'DATEBEGINTAX'      seems to pull random receipts
array(     _('From') => 'tran_date'                   Not recognised

Can anybody assist and help me move forward from this point. ?

I thank the forum in advance


Re: Daily Reciepts / Cash accounatability

If you are trying to get a report of cash on a day by day basis, you might be better off starting with a banking report because you can select the cash account whereas print receipt reports all receipts regardless of payment type.   For a day by day look at a bank account, you might try this extension.

Re: Daily Reciepts / Cash accounatability

Hi Braath Waate,

Thank you for replying.

I apologise fro the late reply and I mean no disrespect but I need to study the module before I can contribute to move forward.

( also it took a while to figure out how to get it out of github,- downloaded  it was a while since I was last there )


Re: Daily Reciepts / Cash accounatability

Thank you Braath Waate,

Using "Banking " and " Bank Statement w/Reconcile" and a bit of editing I can pull a nice Report giving me the payments made against invoices.

Using "Customers " and  "Sales by Salesman " I get a Cash Report of the Direct Invoicing

I can live this and move on.

I will open another thread for my next issue to do with Salesman Commissions, in my case Artisan Invoicing

thank you