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Topic: Final Invoice Icon on PrePayments -After- Invoicing?

Should I be concerned if the Final Invoice icon is still displayed for a prepaid order that I have delivered and already invoiced in full. This icon is displayed when selecting the page: sales_orders_view.php?PrepaidOrders=Yes. This only has happened to about 4% of our invoices. I can't think of anything unique to these invoices over the others.

  If I select this icon, I get the "Prepayment or Final Invoice Entry" page where it indicates the full amount in the "Left to be invoiced:" field. If I select the Process Invoice button on the bottom of the screen , I get an error: "There is no non-invoiced payments for this order. If you want to issue final invoice, select delayed or cash payment terms."

  This error seems to be appropriate, because if I manually pull up another invoiced order (that does not have that icon), I get the same error if also select the Process Invoice button.

  Other than that icon displaying, I do not find any problems related to an invoice that has not been recorded elsewhere in FA.