Topic: New, neat and user friendly theme!

Hello everyone,
FA default theme is very neat and good looking. However it would be good to have user friendly menus but maintaining the same neatness. I have created one which i think is worthwhile.
USER: demo
PASS: 1234

If interested please contact me:

Re: New, neat and user friendly theme!

Looks a bit different theme.
Can you make the tables as responsive one?

Bharathiraja Kaliyamoorthy

Re: New, neat and user friendly theme!

I appreciate your response. The purpose of the theme was a more user friendly menu. Making FA responsive and still maintaining its neat layout would be a huge task which I am not ready to embark on for now.

Re: New, neat and user friendly theme!

Takes a while for the screen to come up due to huge js possibly.
Color combination between foreground and background for the mobile width menu (Menu1.png) needs better contrast and some way to navigate back to the upper menus. Good work.

Setup a fork on GitHub and place your theme therein. Hope you did not change any of the core files.

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