Topic: FrontAccounting and Tally Software


I would like to know How FrontAccounting is different from tally, what are the Key points ?

Re: FrontAccounting and Tally Software

Tally is a compiled language and FA is an interpreted web based offering.
Tally uses C Structures for storing data and has ODBC to provide Excel and Word outputs.
FA uses the MySQL database to store data and the company/# folder to store files. and hence can be manipulated and integrated into many applications using ODBC for input and output.
Tally has extensive reporting and uses TDL for programming custom user input screens and reports.
FA has a limited set of reports by default and has an extensive PHP programming interface (SlimAPI) and extensions - you can write your own too.
Tally is limited to printers installed in the client.
FA can use any printer that supports CUPS printing online besides local ones.
Tally is proprietary and needs licences and AMCs.
FA is Open Source and fully localisable without reference to any third party.
Tally has Payrol by default.
FA has Payroll as an extension (several and can also roll your own).