Topic: Upgrading from 2.3.19 to latest version

Hello.  I am looking for recommendations for how to proceed in doing this upgrade. This is my first update since the initial install in 2014, and that was done by someone else, so I'm a bit tentative.

I have found and read the FrontAccounting Update guide as found on the site.

My first problem is that I cannot locate a FrontAccounting directory on my computer, which is a problem since copying files to it is the first step!

Re: Upgrading from 2.3.19 to latest version

Without php knowledge it's hard for you to do this update successfully. So check with the person who helped you initially or find someone from the forum and make him to update it for you. 

Always keep backup before make changes.

Re: Upgrading from 2.3.19 to latest version

The steps needed are to update from 2.3.19 to 2.3.26 first and see if all is well.
There may be some config.php variables and sys_prefs table additions / changes that will need to be incorporated.
Check which Chart of Accounts was used for changes if any.
Then upgrade to FA 2.4.8+ (Git Master) along with checking for appropriate Chart of Accounts changes.

You should take professional help since you cannot even determine where your FA files are.