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Topic: Multiple units from single BOM

Hi Everyone,
My scenario is I use inputs to produce an item that will be broken down and used as an input further along the manufacturing process. Eventually I produce from 1 item up to 150 units of finished product.
So 10 item A + 5 item B + 10 item C = 24 item D. If the BOM module is structured to produce just one unit of the item then my BOM has to look like:
.4166667 item A + .208333 item B + .4166667 item C = 1 item D
I have done this before and it is inelegant and rounding can cause errors.
Is there any way to make the BOM read like the actual process:

10 item A + 5 item B + 10 item C = 24 item D

Then when I use item D I may take 5 item D + item E etc to produce Item F

In the actual scenario I am doing 90 + .33 + 2.5 +11  = 90 so the decimals are very inelegant

Re: Multiple units from single BOM

FA Advanced Manufacturing does not require a BOM.   A, B,C are issues and D is the manufactured item.

Re: Multiple units from single BOM

So I can do exactly what I propose already?
Which is put in x units + y units to obtain z units ?
If this is the case thanks and thanks for the quick response.

Re: Multiple units from single BOM

Having explored the 'Advance Manufacture' option in the demo it is almost exactly right, I have seen very similar functionality in other packages and it is a very good way to allow for variations in your manufacturing process but it adds a layer of complexity. I think my solution might be to manufacture A as a whole item and then use fractions of that in the manufacture of B etc.
I really do appreciate the ability to tweak the manufacturing right at the material issue / allocation stage that will certainly be useful for me.
Thanks again Joe.

Re: Multiple units from single BOM

I'm using the advanced manufacturing option to try to make a product where we had to adjust our manufacturing process due to an item shortage. Where I would normally use 60 screws to build a case I had to use adhesive (which I won't add as input, amount used is small and cost insignificant) and only used screws where they were structurally necessary, using only 20 screws. So I want to issue 20 screws to make 1 case which I did but when I process it says screws will go into negative. Have I done wrong or missed a step?
I don't want to make a new BOM or change the original to create this product because this will hopefully not happen again.

Re: Multiple units from single BOM

I produce coconut Chips. I produce 60 packs of Coconut Chips from 1 bag of Coconut head which contains 80 coconut heads.

Please which is the best way to use work order and BOM to achieve this manufacturing.
Thank you