Topic: print documents empty.pdf

if you try to print some documents (like customer statement) the file is .pdf -> as in empty.pdf

so in change $fname to
$fname = $dir.'/'.uniqid('').'.pdf';

Re: print documents empty.pdf

I cannot reproduce this error. The function uniqid() is not strong enough for the purpose. However it is up to you.

I have asked Janusz to look at it.


Re: print documents empty.pdf

This works properly for me too. random_id function used here makes 3 different approaches to generate random filename, the last being Mersenne Twister generator, which does not rely on any special php extension, so should work in all php versions.  Also, uniquid() is not random, so this change would open additional vulnerability in FA, making temporary copy of pdf documents easy to find.
If you will find source of this problem, please report it again, we will try to fix it.

Re: print documents empty.pdf

Sorry guys, I think this might be my doing because of some changes I made in