Topic: Posting Transactions To Previous, Open Fiscal Year?

Is it possible to post transactions into the previous fiscal year if it has not been closed?

  Every month, we don't have have all fees known to us until the next month, but they need to be recorded in the previous month. Is there a way to allow a user to post in the previous fiscal year without putting the company back into the previous fiscal year? With multiple users, a new sales transaction may get posted in the previous year if someone else placed the company into the previous year.

  In Access Setup, I do have "Allow entry on non closed Fiscal years" checked which doesn't seem to help my issue.

Re: Posting Transactions To Previous, Open Fiscal Year?

@joe: There should be a Maintenance Mode  where only one Administrator can login on one terminal - this can be done by setting a sys_prefs table variable that is company specific in the Company Settings where the existing sessions will need to be cut (gracefully) off like timing out the logins of all non Admin users assuming that there is just one Super Admin for the Company.

Short of this, a physical disconnect of the network for all other users is the only option.

Re: Posting Transactions To Previous, Open Fiscal Year?

Thanks @apmuthu. I wasn't sure if there was a better way to handle this.

Re: Posting Transactions To Previous, Open Fiscal Year?

Sorry Guys, as I dont understand the problem nor the suggested solution

@paul I can post on open previous years without a problem as long as the previous fiscal year is Active in Company Setup.
@apmuthu .. is your above answer addressed to the question raised by @paul ?

Please forgive me if I misunderstood the issue.

Re: Posting Transactions To Previous, Open Fiscal Year?

Hello Guys.

Yes as @rafat explains there should be no restrictions on booking on open years. But

1. Check in Banking and General Ledger that the period is not closed for further entries.
2. After changing the Access Role, you must logout/login again.


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Re: Posting Transactions To Previous, Open Fiscal Year?

Thank you @joe and @rafat

@rafat: I was not having a problem when I changed the Company's Active fiscal year to previous (2019). I was worried that if I change the Active fiscal year to previous in order to post any activity from 2019, that someone else here may enter a new sale, etc which really belongs to the current (2020) fiscal year.

This seems all academic now, though. I know better to log out/log in after making changes in the Access Role (and thought I did), but yesterday I could not post activity as previous fiscal year while Company was set to current fiscal year.

But after reading your posts, I tried again today and I can post in previous, open, fiscal years. Thank you. Sorry for my "noise" post.


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Re: Posting Transactions To Previous, Open Fiscal Year?

I am posting late December of the previous year's (2019) sales and after entering one sales invoice using Direct Invoice, the reference number for Sales Invoice changes from 2019 to 2020 but Customer Payment stays 2019!

Is there a setting I am missing to stop it from changing to 2020 automatically? 

In Preferences-Display Setup I have "Remember last document date:" enabled.

In Company Setup-Fiscal Year: "01/01/2019 - 12/31/2019 Active".

In Transaction References I have:
             Sales Invoice            Dn    {YY}{0001}    Yes
             Customer Payment    CP    {YY}{001}    Yes

In the Database Table "0_ refs":
        ('108', '10', 'Dn190108'),
        ('109', '10', 'Dn190109'),
        ('110', '10', 'Dn200001'),
        ('111', '10', 'Dn200002'),
        ('112', '10', 'Dn200003'),
        ('108', '12', 'CP19108'),
        ('109', '12', 'CP19109'),
        ('110', '12', 'CP19110'),
        ('111', '12', 'CP19111'),
        ('112', '12', 'CP19112'),

Invoice 108 was entered in December and 109, 110, 111 & 112 were entered today.

Database : 2.4.7

Does anyone have any insight to what may be causing this?


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Re: Posting Transactions To Previous, Open Fiscal Year?

Hi JimmyC

I tried to reproduce your scenario in both 2.4.4 and 2.4.7 but was not able.

Most probably its a user input error.

The "Remember last document date:" enabled... is a little tricky .. as the default date (once you input a Direct Invoice) is the last date of the previous if it is in a previous year will default to that date ..although colored in red  as a warning it is being posted in a previous fiscal year. One can easily miss changing the date if the posting is in the current year.

Try to reproduce it if possible.. and post the scenario.

Good luck...and excuse my English..

Re: Posting Transactions To Previous, Open Fiscal Year?


Thank you for taking the time to attempt to reproduce my anomaly. I'll list the exact steps I do to produce this:

1.) Select Sales -> Transactions -> Direct Invoice
2.) Change Invoice Date -> 08/11/2019 (US Date format MMDDYYYY)
3.) Select Customer -> AAA Insurance and Reference is Dn190174
4.) Select Item & Enter Amount -> Add Item
5.) Select Process Invoice
6.) Select Enter a New Direct Invoice

Returns to the form for entering a direct invoice and Invoice Date still shows in red 08/11/2019
but Reference shows Dn200001 and if I enter more invoices, it increments "Dn" using this year.

But.....If I logout and back in, the process starts over.  I can enter the first one with the next Dn number
correctly incremented to Dn190175 but after processing it, Dn is now for the current year.

I wish to point out that last fall I updated from ver 2.4.6 to ver 2.4.7 and that for 2018 to 2019 I did not
have this problem during January when entering 2018 invoices.

Maybe I need to have a file update that corrects this?  Is there a way that I can easily refresh this build to the latest files?

Thank you again for your time and effort,


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Re: Posting Transactions To Previous, Open Fiscal Year?


You are absolutely right.. I tested at 2.4.4 and it is OK
I tested at 2.4.7 and it is not OK.

I needed to delete the Ref. and refresh to get the right reference in 2.4.7

Well spotted my friend.