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Hello all Senior Members and Developers

On a Developer meeting yeaster day we, @itronics (Janusz) and I, have decided to call for more help.
Janusz is very occupied by his main work, but he will still be helping us with his great knowledge and Code
I am getting older, and am no longer such a Work Horse as before, although still fit for tasks.

We are looking forward to the next major 2.5 and more.

At present we are very satisfied with the core implementation. It is not fully object oriented, but we feel it is
easy to work with. Eventually change of the core could be a candidate to a future 3.0 version. We will see.

On the Forums, @apmuthu is doing a tremendious job. He tries to help all, both newbies and more skilled users.
Very good.

Janusz is very fond of @notrinos's implementation of a tiny Human Resource extension, FrontHrm, on Github.
He would like to give it a closer look and eventually some modifying of the Tax implementations and other things
before including in the core.
You should be proud, @notrinos, he is not easy to convince smile
This would be a candidate for 2.5 release.
I guess we will start with an active 2.5 release soon on our Git repo.

We need help with php/javascript developers, 2 to 3 guys. I have seen the following guys contributing with
various code:

@Braath Waate

Just to name a few. I know there are more. Some of these have not been active lately.

Should anyone of you have a knowledge of php/javascript, just tell us if you are interested in beeing part
of the keveloper team.

We also need a Website Administrator and Designer to rewire the page(s).

And we also need some good writers for doing some Public Relations for us. We feel that a lot more people should
know about FrontAccounting.

Should you feel interesting, please be in touch. Either here or use our email addresses.

This topic will be both on the Announcement Forum, but the Working Horse will be in the Modifications Forum.

Developers, Senior Members are welcome with things needed in 2.4 and future 2.5. We welcome source code for your solutions.

An example is the 'Landing Costs' discussed earlier. If someone can find a simple solution to this, it would be nice.

Please use the Modification Forum version for dialogs. It will be a Sticky topic.


Re: The Future of FrontAccounting

Dear Janusz and Joe,

I'm still keen to be involved.  I would be keen to implement along the ideas in my email to you of 6 December 2014 where I outlined some possible ideas following the implementation of (now outdated) Bootstrap 3 proof of concept.

However, its not clear that the community want to go in that direction. e.g. use of classes, modest (very modest) use of some design patterns to facilitate unit testing.  Incorporation of unit testing on Travis etc.

I have a day job, and its not accounting.  I'm an enthusiastic user of Front Accounting and professional web developer and I'm willing to contribute where our interests overlap.

Project Governance, I think is an important issue to get sorted out at this point.  It cannot be 'my project' (my being Janusz and Joe) with 'your' contributions.  It has to be 'our' project.

Looking forward to see where this will go. :-)


Re: The Future of FrontAccounting

Thanks @joe for considering me. However, I am not a good PHP Developer and don't know anything about Javascript. I am basically a financial consultant. I have been trying to Hack FA Code for some of my solutions for my clients. As you have talked about 'Landing Costs'. I think you meant Import Landing Cost. I have developed a simple module for this using Dimensions and Stock Adjustment. What it does is it Divides the Total Cost of Imports using Weighted Average Method to all products in Imports. Thus Adding Value to the Purchase Price of the Product.

Similarly I have developed a Manufacturing Module. The Current Manufacturing Module of FA have two Levels

1. Simple Manufacturing
2. Advance Manufacturing

In Advance Manufacturing, we can't handle a manufacturing process that generates 2 or more Finished Goods. We can input multiple Raw Materials but Finished Good is Single. Anyhow, I didn't like it.

My manufacturing module can be used for Simple as well as Advanced Processes. However it doesn't take into account the Labour and Overhead Costs separately. But it just calculates the per unit cost of each Finished Good Item using Weighted Average Method.

In Both Imports and Manufacturing Process, you need to open a Job in Dimensions of Type 2.

I have linked the Stock Adjustment also with Dimension. So all Raw Material can be Stocked Out in that Job day by day as process moves on.

Similarly all cash expenses can be loaded to that Job.

Once Job is Finished, you process it and all cost of that Job is allocated to each Item in Process.

If you are interested in this then give me email address to send the code to.


Re: The Future of FrontAccounting


You are a valued senior member and it is good to have you among the developers.

I will assemble what we have got of interested developers during today. Janusz amd I will have a chat about how to proceed.

I guess a new Forum for development is a good place to start. Amd maybe an internal mailing list.


Re: The Future of FrontAccounting

We are waiting for your next step to organize the developers to start next phase of FA. 

Yes definitely we require a private forum to put up the tasks and tickets.

Subscription service based on FA
HRM CRM POS batch Themes

Re: The Future of FrontAccounting

The Bug Tracker is sufficient for that.

Re: The Future of FrontAccounting

What about Future of FrontAccounting? Long awaited 2.5 is taking time I think due to work load with Jansuz. Are you still with the plan to get further developers involved.