Topic: Banking and General Ledger

when i entered journal entries for inventory assets , i cannot see any Data Base records into "0_bank_trans" table
only  (0_gl_trans , 0_journal , ) been inserted with new records , can you please explain , which tables will be affected during journal entries and the reasons for it

Re: Banking and General Ledger

I have noticed also that any transactions you make other than Payment or Deposits to the bank does not appear int the Bank_Trans table.
Even the bank statement does not show journal entries.

I have deposited money in the bank using journal entry, when I check the bank statement it doesn't show any journal entry.

Seniors support members should help us in this issues, but nobody seems to have a solution apparently.

Re: Banking and General Ledger

Deposit money into Bank using Bank Deposit Menu if you wish to allocate it to sales / purchases. Journal Entry is generally for non bank/cash entires.

Re: Banking and General Ledger

Journal Entry done with the bank should also show in the bank statement... Unless you had some errors while installing, check the date you made the entry, it should display on the bank statement.