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Topic: Missing system locale

I am using 2.4.7 with PHP 7.2.25 (also tried using PHP 7.1.33). All of a sudden, the default language (Danish) has disappeared. I can not add the language again.

System diagnostic says: "Missing system locale: da_DK.iso-8859-1".

Where can I find this file?

Re: Missing system locale

The da_DK language was last updated on 2017-07-30 and is attached here.

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Re: Missing system locale

Thank you very much for the reply. Can you please tell me how to implement the change?

I have tried to add a new language from FrontAccounting (/admin/inst_lang.php)

I am using the following parameters:
  Language Code = da_DK
  Language Name = Danish
  Encoding = da_DK (have checked with hosting provider)
  Right to left = no
  Default language = no
  Language file (po) = da_DK-2.4.1-2.po (the one you have send me)
  Language file (mo) = da_DK-2.4.1-2.mo (the one you have send me)

Then I click on "Update" but nothing happens

Re: Missing system locale

I have tried again, this time with encoding iso-8859-1

When I try to add the new language, I am getting this error:

Illegal offset type in file: /home/d/e/ftp_xxxxxxxxxxx/frontaccounting/admin/inst_lang.php at line 139
/home/d/e/ftp_xxxxxxxxxxxx/frontaccounting/admin/inst_lang.php:269:    check_data()

Any ideas?

Re: Missing system locale

Hi Tode,

If running linux/unix then issue

locale -a

and see if da_DK is listed . If not then you need to install it.
Then please list ....../frontaccounting/lang/installed_languages.inc

lets take it from there..

Re: Missing system locale

yes da_DK and iso-8859 is supported


$installed_languages = array (
  0 =>
  array (
    'name' => 'English (US)',
    'package' => 'en_US',
    'code' => 'en_US',
    'encoding' => 'iso-8859-1',
    'version' => '2.4.1-3',
    'path' => 'lang/en_US',

$dflt_lang = 'en_US';

Re: Missing system locale

I have not solved the problem until now.
When I go to Install/Update languages (admin/inst_lang.php) there is currently only one language (english) shown.

If I tick "Display also languages not supported by server locales" 40 languages are shown. All of them (besides english) are showing "Supported" = no.

So I can not select any of the languages on the list. Manual add of language is also not possible.

Any ideas??

Re: Missing system locale

You do not have the languages installed within the Operating System as stated before.
You need to install them first in the OS,  only then they will be recognized by frontaccounting.

Re: Missing system locale

The problem is solved now. Thank you all for contributing.
It turned out that our hosting company updated the system, and some language files were no longer installed