Topic: Keep Getting Booted to Login Screen

I have seen this issue posted before. I didn't have it until my host (Dreamhost) updated PHP to 7.x. I am currently running on 7.2 (FastCGI)

I have tried the following:

-Commenting out anti-hijacking code in
-Removing .htaccess file
-increasing timeout to 999999 in company setup.

At this point I am at a loss as to why every few clicks the application forces me to relog.  Once I relog, it takes me to the screen i needed to be in.  This has really slowed down my workflow so hoping for some new things to try.

Thanks for your consideration of this problem.

Re: Keep Getting Booted to Login Screen

Check the zero date time settings - strict dates in your MySQL / PHP and TimeZone settings being different in Server and client browser. Turn on debug in config.php and see what shows up.

Otherwise, choose PHP 5.6.x in FastCGI.

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Re: Keep Getting Booted to Login Screen

Thank you for taking the time to consider this.

I am not clear on what I am checking for "zero date time settings"

Debug didn't show me anything related to being timed out.  Just SQL queries that seemed normal.

The timezone on the server is 3 hours behind my local time.  I have set the config.php to use my local timezone (not the server timezone).  Is this correct? Or should I do the reverse?

Unfortunately my server has deprecated anything less than php 7.x at this time.

Re: Keep Getting Booted to Login Screen

MySQL 5.7+ zero Date settings can be read in this post.