Topic: Reversing A Customer Allocation

Hello, I seem to have run into a bug, or limits of my understanding of how FA works.

Now I'm attempted to recall my steps, which may be inaccurate.

I entered a customer payment for a prepayment transaction before converting the quotation to a work order.

This prevented me from issuing a delivery against the work order because the payment wasn't allocated (a work order didn't exist).

It seemed the solution was to create a work order and allocate funds to it.

However, it was still not possible to create a delivery against a work order because it did not register the allocation as a prepayment.

Therefore, I decided it best to void the customer payment and follow the correct order of steps.

Unfortunately, the allocation remains, but the payment is gone.

In other words, I can't enter a new payment, nor can I create the work order, invoice, etc. This is a dead end.

How can I remove the allocation?


Re: Reversing A Customer Allocation

Attempting a Customer Payment and Voiding it results in the SQL changes in the attachment.
The said sql is abstracted from a plain vanilla install of FA 2.4.7+ (latest Git Master).

Try this on a copy of your installation and see if the results match.

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Re: Reversing A Customer Allocation

Thank you, but I'm not sure this is the solution.

I was able to void the customer payment, but the allocation of the payment is what remains. I suppose what I need to do is allocate another payment on a test system and see what changes in SQL.

It's strange there is no way to reverse an allocation.

Re: Reversing A Customer Allocation

Hope you are using the FA 2.4.7+ GitMaster version.
There were some Void file changes recently.