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Topic: Reconciliation Bank Account

When you intent to reconcilie a bank account it can't appear transations greater  than the  selected reconciliation date.

For example:  If you are making the reconciliation of September 30, 2019.....it can't appear october operations.....

Somebody can help about this?

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Re: Reconciliation Bank Account

This may be so where timezone issues are concerned when full timestamps are used and also for correction of dates as well.

Re: Reconciliation Bank Account

What's the solution for that mistake???

Re: Reconciliation Bank Account

Possibly restrict the display to be one less to one more than the date specified and take it from there for now. If a strict enforcement is necessary, then a "date <= reconcile date" will need to be implemented. State the URL where this occurs. The existing one takes all unreconciled transactions which is correct.

Refer doc/bank_reconciliation.txt.