Topic: Fix column width in FA pager table

I want to set manually one of the column width in FA db pager table. I believe this can be done, but I forget how. Can anyone let me know how to do this? My code for the header of the table is like this.

$cols = array(
        _("#") => array('fun'=>'trans_view', 'ord'=>'', 'align'=>'right'), 
        _("Supplier") => array('ord'=>''),
        _("Supplier's Reference"), 
        _("Order Date") => array('name'=>'ord_date', 'type'=>'date', 'ord'=>'desc'),
        _("Currency") => array('align'=>'center'), 
        _("Order Total") => 'amount',

Re: Fix column width in FA pager table


@boxygen and @anoopmb they have been done this feature: