Topic: Importing inventory items using CSV

Hello there. Thank you for this great application that is really amazing. I have a challenge, which I need some assistance with. I have installed the extension that handles importing using CSV and followed the instructions to the letter.

The challenge am encountering is... after submitting the CSV file on clicking the button import CSV file, nothing occurs... am just redirected to the same window where I was before. On checking to see if the items have been added, there is no addition of any item that was listed in the CSV.

What could be causing this situation and what could be the remedy?

Thank you team for this great resource.

Re: Importing inventory items using CSV

State version of Apache/PHP/MySQL/Platform/FA.
Check apache and FA error logs.
Turn on debug if necessary in the config.php file.

Re: Importing inventory items using CSV

Hi i have the same issues in version 2.4.7  if i click the extension get internal server error