Topic: Fiscal Year setup

I've read the Wiki. Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but there should be a way for me to configure the fiscal year on a new company without going into the database and manipulating records.

Here is the situation:
After installing a new company with 2.4.7, I have 2 fiscal years that are 1/1/2018 to 12/31/2018 and 1/1/2019 to 12/31/2019.
If I select 2018 as my current fiscal year, I can't delete 2019 because 2018 exists.
If I select 2019 as my current fiscal year, I can't delete 2019 because it's the current fiscal year.
If I try to create the current fiscal year (10/1/2018 - 09/30/2019), I cannot, because it overlaps with an existing fiscal year.

So, I cannot create the fiscal year I need, and I cannot remove the 2 stupid entries that were blindly put there for me by the setup script.

The company has no transactions. It should not care if I delete and add fiscal years.

Yes, I can go under the covers and fix this, but I should not have to.

Re: Fiscal Year setup

I discovered that I did not create an empty company, but I meant to. I had to clean out all of the sample transactions. I assume there is an option for leaving those out when creating a new company. I must have missed it.

Anyway, I cleared out all of the existing customer and transaction, inventory, etc. and entered the fiscal year into the database manually. I will need to repeat this process several times, so I hope I can figure out how to create a clean/empty company.

Re: Fiscal Year setup

When one installs FA there is an option in Select Chart of Accounts that has Standard New Company American COA (4 digit) that has empty / clean data. No demo data.

Re: Fiscal Year setup

Thank you. I would not have looked there.