Topic: Support for views in backup

I created a view to simplify my SQL and discovered that views are not supported in the 2.4.7 backup utility, so I coded in generic support for backing up and restoring views.

I made changes in /admin/include/db/ and in /includes/db/

I don't know if my changes are generally useful, since FA seems to avoid views. If my changes are useful to anyone else, please let me know how/where I can post the changes.

p.s. The changes are pretty trivial and they are isolated to the backup/restore functions.

Re: Support for views in backup

The problem will come when the db user does not have rights to create / alter views during restoration. Submit your code hack for the devs to see how to incorporate them. This could be useful for all lookup tables bundled into one with filtered views.

Re: Support for views in backup

It's a hack that may require extra permissions to work, but without it, the restore always fails if there are views, because the 2.4.7 code treats views like tables. I would think if a user is savvy enough to create views (which would break the backup/restore), they would make sure they have permission to create them. smile

I'm accessing some FA data from outside of FA, so the views allow me to abstract some of the complexities in FA and hide them from the external function.

Anyway, the purpose of this reply is to tell you that I don't know how to submit code changes for FA.