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Is there a way to stop rounding the quantity in BOM, i want to use it for juice manufacturing, then i have to add a small quantity of flavor to BOM. like 0.015, but its rounding automatically to zero, or if its 0.6 for the carton its rounded to 1.

may i get some help please

Re: Rounding BOM Quantity

Yes, you may smile

Please change the decimals for the Unit of Measure (UOM) for the item. Make it 3 decimal places. And you are done.

Re: Rounding BOM Quantity

Many Thanks Mr. Joe
Its working now

Re: Rounding BOM Quantity

Thank you.

Re: Rounding BOM Quantity

Ow. this is great ! I was bumping similar issue few months ago. I thought it wasn't possible to do it

I just needed to add decimal points smile

Great stuff

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