Topic: Reimbursable costs work flow

I am a prospective new user of FA. Sorry if this is dumb question. I have searched in Forum and read wiki. I am primarily a service company.

What is the FA work flow for reimbursable costs:
*Purchase something and allocate a purchase line to a customer.
*Later bill a customer all costs marked for that customer.

Thank you.

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Re: Reimbursable costs work flow

Is this topic similar and of help? You can use the same method for stock items as well.

If not can you explain 'allocate a purchase line to a customer' please; also you mention 'reimbursable', but what is reimbursable? Perhaps explain what you want to do in a different way?

The FrontAccounting Wiki(Manual, examples, tips, setup info, links to accounting sites, etc)

Re: Reimbursable costs work flow

Thank you, Poncho. That actually answered another question I planned to ask about how to bill service hours! 

I was able to replicate the work flow in the other topic for a stock item. It's clunkier than I hoped, but it works.  Thank you.