Topic: Payment reference number reset

I recently upgraded to 2.4.6. When I go to Banking and General Ledger --> Payments, the default value that comes up for Reference is incorrect.

I was up to about 1500 for this reference number before upgrading. Now, the default value that comes up is 884.

I suspect that somewhere in the database there are variables that track the current value of the reference for each type of transaction. I'm guessing the value for this transaction got clobbered somehow and needs to be reset. All of the other transaction types where I use a default reference seem to be fine. This is the only one that is causing a problem.

Can someone explain where that value is stored and how to change it?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Richard Hamilton

Re: Payment reference number reset

Which version did you upgrade from?
FA 2.3.x had a normal non-pattern plain numbering system. You may have to mimic the old numbering system.

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Re: Payment reference number reset

This was an upgrade from 2.3.5 to 2.4.6.

I did some testing, and what seems to be happening is that reference is no longer auto-incrementing. It is stuck at the last value it had before the upgrade. The last transaction before the upgrade was transaction 1507 with reference number 884 (I supply a check number as the reference on some payments, so the auto-generated reference lags numerically). When I did the first payment after the upgrade, the default reference came up as 884, which failed as a duplicate.

I was able to create a successful payment by setting the reference to 885, but when I tried to enter another payment, the reference came up as 884, again.

This seems to be limited to Payment. I tested in Sales Order Entry and Purchase Order Entry, and those values increment correctly and without any confusion. I also didn't see a problem with Deposits in Banking and General Ledger.

Thanks very much for your help.

P.S. I see that my original post was inaccurate. The auto-generated reference was never as high as 1500. I misinterpreted the problem. I think my post here has got the problem more accurately stated.

Re: Payment reference number reset

I think I solved the problem. I discovered the Transaction References tab under Setup, and reset the reference. Once I did that, the problem was solved. The references now increment.

It looks like an off-by-one error of some kind in the update, where the value for the reference was set to the most recent reference, rather than the next reference.

Thanks for your help.