Topic: Can't make Jurnal Entry


I'm new with FrontAccounting. Seems to have some difficulties with the jurnal entries. keep getting this message:

The entered information is a duplicate. Please go back and enter different values.

I do believe that I had set all the prerequisite correctly. Any advise?

thx in advance...

Re: Can't make Jurnal Entry

Check your reference value in the Jornal Entry and go to Setup, Forms setup.
Look up the refence values for Journal Entries. If this is non numeric you must keep track of the next number yourself. If it is numeric, you should increase the number. This should help you.


Re: Can't make Jurnal Entry

thnx joe... a quick check at the said Form Setup, found out there is no data there, perhaps someone had accidently erase them via back door (from the database)... too bad...

Will try to figure it out...

thnx anyway