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hi every body
I am trying to add one more field in invoice with name (Delivery date) for each item in Sales Items ...As it was required by our company because we are delivering different items in different times ...
I have posted this in FA Modification assuming that i can do it my self but all my trials has been failed...
Now i am looking for some one to complete this task for me with what fees it requires

Please if some one interested in this task contact me and you are welcome

Re: Adding new Column in invoce

Make an extension to implement this ether with a sys_prefs flag to toggle the functionality or have an option in the report request form as a parameter. ST_CUSTDELIVERY (13) in gl_trans table has the trans_date as the delivery date.

Re: Adding new Column in invoce

Hi Apmuthu
I really appreciate your advice, but i don't think i can do it my self ...
I really looking for this job to be done
I will be appreciated if you contact me in my E-mail:
to discuss this issue in more details ...

Re: Adding new Column in invoce

The function get_invoice_range() in the invoice report reporting/rep107.php uses the sql:

SELECT trans.trans_no, trans.reference
FROM 1_debtor_trans trans 
LEFT JOIN 1_voided voided ON trans.type=voided.type AND
WHERE trans.type=10 AND ISNULL(;

which extracts the invoices to be printed and example of it is:

trans_no    reference
1    001/2017
2    002/2017
3    003/2017
4    004/2017

The function get_customer_trans in sales/includes/db/ uses the sql:

SELECT trans.*, ov_amount+ov_gst+ov_freight+ov_freight_tax+ov_discount AS Total, AS DebtorName, cust.address, 
    trans.prep_amount>0 AS prepaid,
    branch.*,, AS tax_group_name, AS tax_group_id 
FROM 1_debtor_trans trans
    LEFT JOIN 1_comments com ON trans.type=com.type AND
    LEFT JOIN 1_shippers ON 1_shippers.shipper_id=trans.ship_via, 
    1_debtors_master cust, 
    1_cust_branch branch, 
WHERE trans.debtor_no=cust.debtor_no
  AND = trans.tpe
  AND branch.branch_code = trans.branch_code
  AND branch.tax_group_id =;

The delivery date is in another record (type=13) and not in the invoice record (type=10).